The Springs Resort & Spa – Costa Rica

Hello lovies! During our Costa Rica trip this year, I was kindly invited to stay at the luxurious Springs Resort & Spa in Arenal for the first 4 days of our trip. They truly exceeded our expectations in every way. First off, the location itself is truly one of a kind and words can’t describe how lush the property is with its spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano, 25+ natural hot springs on site, waterfalls, great dining experiences, and an impressive full-service Spa. CNN Travel voted this five-star property one of the seven resorts with the most spectacular views in the world, and they have hosted “The Bachelor” “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and many other famous TV Programs, with good reason. While we were only there for 4 days, it felt like a week because of everything we did. It was the perfect start to our Costa Rica trip.

Hot Springs, Waterfalls, Pools and Views:

The property is set on an impressive 165 acres of land that’s perched 1000 feet above the Arenal Valley on a mountain ridge only 6 km away from the active volcano, but safely outside the government declared danger zone. What’s unique about this specific resort is its high altitude relative to other accommodations in the area that allows for incomparable views of the volcano and the gorgeous Costa Rica rain forest. We were set up in a beautiful private suite with our own balcony that had a facing view of the volcano. The interior was luxurious and big, but down-to-earth and still casual. I loved walking up in the mornings, relaxing in the hammock and having my coffee on the balcony. The feeling of waking up to the sounds of the rain forest, the animals, and the views was unparalleled to any mornings I’ve had.

Relaxation and Adventures:

The property is the perfect combo of relaxation and luxury with a mix of outdoor adventures. Many of the hot springs, pools and waterfalls include views of the volcano and a multitude of options across the property. The different pools have temperatures ranging from 83 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and environments that vary from raging waterfalls to tranquil forest experiences. Looking for adventure? On site, they have the Club Rio Adventure Centre where you can look into different packages that feature up to 8 different activities with their friendly guides. We opted for river tubbing, kayaking, horse riding, guided nature hikes and visited the animal sanctuary. I was so impressed with the staff at the Rio Adventure Centre – they were hilarious and so kind. They really made the experiences a blast. To top it off, I also enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the spa and enjoyed a facial and a massage.

The property really speaks for itself – it’s the perfect getaway in the jungle. The staff are very friendly and professional and go above and beyond to meet you needs. It’s fair to say that i’ll be back. Want to see more? Visit my Springs Resort highlight on instagram!

Coming Soon: Full Blog post on the entire Costa Rica trip!

This is only one of the hot springs! Imagine this x28!

Disclaimer: This stay was in friendly collaboration with my friends at the Springs Resort and Spa.

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